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The dance party! Victoria loved her dance class, she was crazy about the teacher--Miss Betsy is so nice! Miss Betsy is so funny! Miss Betsy lets us dance like cats!--and she had been looking forward to the end-of-class party since Miss Betsy told them about it on the first day. Saturday she woke up at five o'freakin clock in the am and started badgering us about getting ready to go to the dance party. The dance party started at 10:15, we were good and ready by that time. They did all their favorite dances for us and Miss Betsy took a moment in between routines to inform the room that Victoria was her very best singer. The best singer in the dance class--we read you loud and clear, Miss Betsy. But Victoria really had a great time and we'll sign her up again.

After the party, we went to the library and the playground and then Brian had to leave again and I had promised to visit my parents. I couldn't get any of the big kids to come along, but they were happy to see Victoria. We ended up going out to a movie (Madagascar, which was a ridiculous story but fun to watch) and out to eat and then back to their house to do some more Victoria-watching.

On Sunday I decided that Victoria needed more than the two pairs of shorts she had if we were going to get through this summer. We went to the Village Thrift in Bladensburg and found two pairs plus a stuffed spider for her and three books for me, including a perfect Tufte's Envisioning Information that was sitting in the kids' bin. Then we went to the other Village Thrift, which is in Laurel or maybe it's Maryland City. Village Thrift is my choice for finding clothes because they have tons of them and frequent half-price sales. We found three more pairs of shorts there and a shirt Victoria wanted because it has watermelons on it. On the way back we stopped at Greenbelt park and stayed for quite a while. We got home around 7pm.

I started to write about how Christopher came in just after 9 and demanded that I find a copy of The Handmaid's Tale so that he could read it that night. As it happened, I knew exactly where The Robber Bride, The Blind Assassin, and Wilderness Tips were, but he didn't need just any Atwood. I mentioned that I considered his request unreasonable and he yelled, "UNREASONABLE? You think that's unreasonable? I'm going to Ben's house." I was going to tell you this but then I remembered that Christopher did not want to be mentioned in my journal. So I decided not to write about it. Then Christopher stayed out until three o'freakin clock in the am and I decided that I would write about it anyway. I wish I were the kind of person who could just go to sleep when her kid isn't home yet, but can't and it makes me crazy. That is why it is good for kids to go away to school. Ignorance is bliss, well-rested bliss.

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