koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Beach Week

I never went to Beach Week. Brian never went to Beach Week. But when Jennifer graduated and wanted to spend a week at a beach with some friends, it was not a big problem. A mom drove down to stay with them for the first few days. Mid-week, Brian came down and stayed next door through the end of the week.

So when Christopher asked about Beach Week, we asked about grown-ups. Apparently, there is a theory among the class of '05 that high school graduates ARE grown-ups. Well, they are all very nice boys but I know lots of very nice boys and no. No. We had to say no a few times, actually, but Christopher got the message eventually. Now that he has a cool summer job (life guard) in addition to his cool other job (valet parker), missing Beach Week only hurts a little.

NJ Surfer May Have Been Bitten by Shark

Great White Devours Student

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