koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


I discovered the source of the vinegary smell in my car. A ziplocked (thank god) bag of liquified bell peppers. They must have fallen out of Victoria's lunch a while ago.

Started A Girl Named Zippy last night. Finished it, too. Cute and well-crafted, not much substance. It did make me laugh, though.

The dog was sick yesterday, which I discovered upon arriving home and setting my purse and the diaper bag in a puddle of the stuff. She seemed to be feeling better by that time.

Victoria asked for macaroni and cheese so I started boiling some water and I opened the box and removed the bag of cheese powder. When the water boiled, I reached for the box with way too much enthusiasm and sent noodles flying across the kitchen. I didn't realize that the dog liked dry noodles, but she crunched through quite a few while I was finding the broom.

It's just a thrill a minute around here.

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