koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


What happened? I was the picture of health until last night, when I got a scratchy throat and bout of sneezing. This morning I woke up sore all over, but I thought it might be the kind of sore all over that would dissipate if I got up and went to work. Now I am thinking that I might have been mistaken.

On the bright side, a vendor just called to thank me for recommending her company for a project and she gave me a one-day pass to a conference that I always enjoyed back when the University was willing to pick up the tab. According to my records (t-shirt inventory), that was 2001. They also stopped buying my professional journals. I bought my own for two years but then I said screw it and now I just bumble along and make stuff up. Serves them right. Where was I? Oh yes, the day pass. Very nice! I said I'd like to go on day one, hoping that while I'm there I can finagle a way to go to days two and three as well.

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