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I spent this weekend on playgrounds. Saturday morning we went to the playground near the post office and then to the other one near the library. So at least I got my post office and librarying in. Then Christopher called and needed an emergency sandal purchase from Nordstrom and I can't explain why but I helped him out. Yes, I bought a pair of fifty-dollar flipflops. Yes, he paid me back. On the way back Victoria begged to go to a playground and I told her that I had to buy groceries first. She complained that it would be dark before we were done shopping. She was right, so we went to the playground next to CASA first.

Yesterday Brian pulled a little playground duty in the morning while I pretended to think about housework. Then he left for wherever he's off to this week and Victoria and I went to the festival at Glen Echo. I told Victoria the story about what a pain in the ass she was last year at this event. She really enjoyed the story and retold it with variations for the rest of the day. Once again, it was the playground that interested her the most, so we sojourned briefly to glance at other stuff every so often, but for the most part it was a four-hour playground visit. We did see aramintamd and her two adorable girls, but they were headed out at the time. We had time for one spin on the carousel with E before they left. I tried the Jedi crap that works like magic on my kids: "Boy, it's so hot today! You guys are ready to go home and rest where it's cool," but E wasn't falling for it: "No. My mom is." Hehe. We stayed a long time and ended up buying a shaky pumpkin from the House of Musical Traditions booth. That's right, we walked a mile to the metro, took a twenty-minute train ride through town (purple line purple line purple line), walked to the GEICO parking lot, caught the shuttle and rode another ten minutes to get to Glen Echo Park to buy a toy instrument. Then we did it all in reverse, while shaking a pumpkin. I shook it extra hard as I walked by the House of Musical Traditions, which is about four blocks away from our house. We got home about 6pm, did some laundry, made dinner, and Victoria took a fabulous bath--we finally removed the last vestiges of her weeks-old-but-ultimately-temporary airplane tattoo.
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