koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Very interesting news about oxytocin today.

Christopher graduates this morning, so I am going in to work late, woohoo. A couple of years ago, the Equestrian Center double-booked our high school's graduation day and didn't let the school know until two weeks prior to the event. It's such a big class that it's hard to find a place to fit everyone--Jericho City of Praise volunteered their church and saved the day. People were complaining that a religious building wasn't an appropriate site for a public school graduation, but once we got there the grumbling ceased. For one thing, it is so huge that invitations are no longer a precious commodity--you don't have to decide which two of your family members you love best and so forth. The seats are comfy. The sound system is great. There's a jumbotron! So it's being held there again this year, I'm happy to say. Graduation ceremonies are not my thing, so I'm bringing Victoria. She can amuse me during the dull parts.

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