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Air Show

I am spoiled by living within walking distance of a metro station inside the DC borders. I generally plan based on the in-town fares and am shocked--SHOCKED--when I have to pay extra to get to a MD or VA destination. The air show was in Maryland, so round-trip it was $4.70 to take the metro. If I had been with older kids or grownups, it would have been cheaper to drive, which is what we did last year. Parking at FedEx field was free. Ok, enough about me and my sick need to conserve funds at all times. Almost enough--the farecard machine spat back all my nickels! Of course I had dragged a pocketful of change up with me. So I had to pony up one of my precious bills just to get on the train. I didn't want to carry *extra* change, so I rounded down from the round-trip fare. Then when I exited on my way home, I had to use the addfare machine to put eighty cents on. I gave it a dollar and my change was FOUR NICKELS. Outraged, I bought Victoria a Slurpee on the way home and gave my nickels to 7-11.

Oh yes, the air show. It was fine. A completely different crowd than the Faerie Festival. Victoria hated the noise and screamed that she wanted to go home until I suggested that she cover her ears. Next time I could bring ear plugs, I guess. The pre-shuttle screening seemed much smoother this time and, as before, the signs all stated NO FOOD, NO BACKPACKS along with all the other prohibited items, but this did not include food in a backpack that looked fairly diaperbaggish. She wasn't interested in the smaller exhibits, she just wanted to walk through planes. We walked through planes. There were a lot of them, it took a while. I was surprised but happy that she didn't fall asleep on the way home. I didn't bring the stroller because I hate strollers; however, they are perfect for hauling a sleeping kid home. We got home and Brian was listening to Bob Brinker. Every Sunday Brian is home I get to listen to at least a bit of this radio call-in show. I don't know why Brian has to listen week after week. The guy always gives the same advice. *I* could fill in for Bob Brinker. It put Victoria right to sleep and I think she's out for the night.

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