koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Faerie Festival

Last night was awful. Jennifer took the car, ostensibly to move her stuff home from the dorm, but not a lot of stuff had been moved by 9pm, when she returned. And the dorm closed at 10. And Victoria was helping. Oh, it was something. AND she was going to Easton with a friend that night, so she ended up tossing everything on the porch and gallivanting off for the weekend. Brian got back in town just as we were finishing.

It's Christopher's birthday. We made him a cake, but it was not enough to make him a happy boy. Brian transferred his cell phone bill to him in honor of his turning 18. He was practicing his gloomy look during the whole twenty minutes he deigned to spend with us today.

I told Brian that we were going to the Faerie Festival and the air show this weekend. He said that he had no interest in attending the air show (I thought it was great when we went last year, I guess he didn't) and I assumed that the same held true for the Faerie Festival. It isn't his kind of thing. He came anyway, but it isn't his kind of thing. He sat on a hill for three hours while Victoria hula-hooped, glued glitter on sticks, etc. It was a nice day for it. Tomorrow we will hit the air show. I know Victoria will be into it--riding the train and the shuttle bus would be enough, the planes are gravy.

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