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Um, vacation, I guess

Stream of consciousness thing happening here. Jennifer took my car and I can't go home until she returns.

Two days ago I was warning Brian not to let children ride in the front seat of his car. My coworker had told me a story about her friend whose 8yo daughter was killed when her dad had a low-speed accident that caused hardly any car damage. The passenger-side air bag killed the girl. I like to keep telling Brian these stories because he believes, given that he and his siblings all survived to adulthood, these new-fangled safety rules are bunk. Bike helmets, seat belts, refrigeration--all a crock. I like to remind him that I want him to follow the rules even so. It's easy to put kids in the back seat and, besides, then they can't fool with the radio. Anyway, he went with his standard rejoinder that everything is dangerous and maybe we should stay home and hide in the basement, etc. That's when I usually start talking about radon.

Yesterday I saw a news story about a man who had died of Legionnaire's Disease that he caught from a hot tub while on vacation. I emailed it to Brian with the message, "See. This is why I don't go on vacations," and he replied with "Because I care I only take you camping." I didn't say anything about Hantavirus because I like camping.

Today everyone on LJ, or at least two people, took the What Kind of Lesbian Are You quiz and they all--I mean both--were The Bohemian Dyke, illustrated by a photo of Janis Joplin. Many or possibly six years ago, we went camping in the direction of Cleveland and spent a day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The two artifacts I remember best were a letter home from Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison's Cub Scout shirt. We didn't really camp in Cleveland, but in a state park about an hour away. We spent the week pestering a ranger. We were practically the only people in the park and we had him take us on night hikes, he made a solar oven with us, I forget all the paces we put him through. The best part was how disgusted he was with us, particularly Brian. Eyes rolling, heavy sighs, dejectedly trudging along the trails, he would try to answer Brian's questions but sometimes he would just say half a word and give up. Of course Brian loved it, I did too, and the kids missed it all. Our kids aren't very sensitive that way, I wonder why.

My ride is quite late.

On that vacation, we also went to a drive-in and saw Air Force One. We went to the Cuyahoga County fair, where the kids rode an elephant, tormented chickens, killed a fish, and committed other atrocities the details of which I seem to have mercifully forgotten. One day we drove to Canton and everyone else went to the Football Hall of Fame while I looked in a couple of thrift stores and found a place to drink coffee and read.

This summer we are hoping to go to South Dakota. I haven't been there in at least 25 years and no one else in the family ever has. I've asked for a couple of weeks off and maybe it'll work.

5:30 and still no Jennifer. I guess it won't hurt me to do a little work before she gets back.

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