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At least I got up at the right time today. Too bad I checked my email first. Someone sent me a list of jokes about Minnesota and I felt compelled to read them all. They were good jokes, but now I wish I had that time back.

Yesterday was ok after work. Brian had dinner ready the second we walked in the door, very nice. Then I went to my first board meeting for the Washington Antiquarian Booksellers Association and it was a really swell group of people. Back at home I finished rereading Three Men in a Boat and I looked at the new Sew News (why? I can't help myself. This issue had a great article for beginners on marking fabric.) Listed some books and went to bed.

There's one book I found on Wednesday that I don't know what to do with yet. The Early Settlers Life in Texas And The Organization of Hill County, by A.Y. Kirkpatrick of Hillsboro. 1963 reprint, some darling ads on the wrappers, and this note appears at the bottom of the page listing corrections:

"The printer misconstrued the meaning of many of my sentences."

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