koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

edumacational theory

Me: I have a Spanish final tomorrow at 9am. I'm going to work to study; I've had to work day and night for two weeks and I'm not ready for the test.
His Brianness: Psh. What a waste of time.
It's not ideal, but it will help to study at least a little.
No. It's stupid to take a class to learn a language. Can you say anything in Spanish?
(struck mute with performance anxiety) ... Well ... ¡Hola! (does not pronounce the H, having learned that much)
Very handy. How would you order the taco platter?
El taco platter, por favor.
Taco is taco? Platter is platter?
Hell, Brian, if that's what it says on the menu, I think the person taking your order will understand it.
No one learns a language by taking a class.
Yes. They do. You just didn't stick with French long enough, that's why you think that.
No. Studies show that it's not an effective way to learn a language.
Oh, I guess that's why no one offers any language classes.
It's true.
No one has EVER learned a language by taking classes?
(pause) That's right.

Then I left but I went to the gym first and then when I got to the office I did a little more work and now I'm just about ready to do that studying, for all the good it will do me.

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