koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

dreadfully disappointing

My trip to the dentist. I truly expected the dental hygienist to gaze in wonder at my thoroughly-flossed teeth. I imagined her gathering the other people in the office and maybe the office next door so that they could share in the glorious experience. "Oh Koralleen," she exclaimed in my mind, "How I wish we had something more impressive than a toothbrush and a teensy trial-size capsule of floss to give you! Here, how about a poster about gum disease? A plaster cast of your impressive crossbite?" I was glad I had a station wagon to drive, and I cleaned out the back so that I would have room for the case of Tuffy the Tooth comic books and the x-ray platen I expected to collect.

Didn't happen. I got a lecture about grinding (you're not supposed to do it) and proper flossing technique (oh) and a very cool tour of my mouth with the toothcam. I plan to floss properly and not grind at all between now and October. I need that toothcam.

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