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I have some condition, similar to SAD but much nicer. Winter and drab weather don't really mess with my innards to make me gloomier or sluggish. When the warm weather returns and the sunshine is strong again and the air smells either gloriously hyacinth-sweet or gaggingly bradfordpear-foul but always mudluscious, then I feel so expanded, inflated, floaty, delighted ... I could just step right into a breeze and fly away with happiness.

I could just barely keep my rear end plonked on the teeny Baskin-Robbins chair in my class that lasts for FOUR FREAKIN HOURS in the middle of the crashing brilliance that was this Saturday. Then I had forty-some errands to run because Brian was home. I have to take advantage of the free babysitting when this happens, but who cares because my arm was resting on my open window and I was singing along with other people's radios because their windows were open, too. And then I got home and Brian had dug up half the yard and wanted me to take Victoria away so that he could dig more and faster and I was amenable. We went to one playground, played it out and then ran to another. The sun was setting, so we went home and sure enough found every spade-able spot spaded.

The next day the strangest thing happened. We went to see cherry blossoms at the mad hour of 9am and Christopher came with us. I still can't quite believe it. Even though we went pretty early, there were crowds all over. I hadn't really looked at the FDR memorial before--I've always rushed by it trying to get to a softball game when someone tells me the game is at field 3 and it's really at 12 or vice versa. This time I took a good look and I approve. I hadn't more than glanced at the WWII memorial, so I walked through that one, too, but it doesn't do much for me. We watched some rugby for a while. It's more interesting than cricket, I will give it that much. We were home by 1pm. We hung around doing yardy stuff and I read something quick and cooked dozens of pork chops so that Christopher won't starve this week. And now I'm back at work counting the minutes until I can walk to the post office. Sigh.

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