koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Not a bad day, not a good day

The week was mostly all work and not worth complaining about. Today I woke up early to make sure I knew my stuff for class. This Spanish book has a little serialized spy cartoon story at the end of each chapter and we also watch episodes of a family mystery drama from CPB. I am so into La Búsqueda and Destinos; I know I am easy to amuse, but this is pretty bad. Who is the mysterious man in purple? Will Raquel find Don Fernando's long-lost love? I simply MUST know how these stories end. I fear that the answers will not be found in a single semester.

Class runs from 9-1. I thought I needed to be home by 2 because Chris was supposed to take Brian and Jennifer to the airport, but I figured squeezing a trip to the grocery store was worth a shot on the way home. I got home at exactly 1:59 and no one was moving in an airportly direction, so I'm glad I did. Eventually they all got in the truck, backed up about 15 yards, and returned the truck to its customary parking spot. Brake trouble. I offered my car, but Brian was in a mood and tossed the bags into his car. He was going to park at the airport for six days but reconsidered. I hardly ever drive his car (it's not ours, it belongs to his employer); Victoria and I rode along and brought the car home. On the way back, I passed a car with a bumper sticker: "Draft SUV Drivers First". It made me smile for the half-second before I remembered I was driving an Explorer.

Chris couldn't drive to work and he only had about three hours to arrange transportation. Showing his typical level of industry, he called in carless and persuaded his girlfriend's father to drive him to their house for dinner. Victoria and I are just goofing around the house, but if I can get her to bed soon I have plans to straighten up the rooms downstairs and get some books listed. I've had a good week for sales and I was already behind so I need to get moving.

We can't watch DVDs on the TV any more because Christopher took the remote to school. Why he took the remote to school is a stupid story and why we can't watch DVDs without it is yet a stupider story.

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