koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

fine time

It was warm today and still light when we got home. We walked up to the playground but cut the visit short because of the creepy guy hanging around. Jennifer and her friend had got home just as we returned and they were freaking out because Lily was worrying a well-aged squirrel carcass in the yard. You can not imagine a happier-looking dog.

They had rented two movies and had big plans for the evening. The first movie was Pippi Longstocking and we were all excited about it. Then it turned out to be a cartoon (we wanted the one with real people) and it was defective and snowy and sounded warped. The next one was rated R so Victoria and I left to find something better to do. We made a cake and played with a new toy I got and broke it (now the puppy in a raincoat still sings Singing in the Rain but he no longer dances) and discarded all of the squirrel pieces we could find. We didn't have much time to kill because the second movie was Gigli, which apparently is just as bad as everyone says AND was also defective and froze about an hour into the story. Cake was eaten. Jennifer left to wrest her rental fees back from Blockbuster, Salaam went home, Christopher continued his marathon phone conversation, Victoria went to bed although that procedure has grown more complicated in the past week, to my consternation.

Doesn't look like much written out, but except for the part where I had to wake up and go to work and stay there for a long, long time it was a swell day.

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