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How was my day

Yesterday night there was a fundraiser at Noodles & Co., a restaurant near campus. The idea of a noodle restaurant didn't interest me, so I put it on my list of places not to think about. But the fundraiser was for the Health Center's Victims' Advocate, so I gave it a whirl. It was nice! Reasonable prices, good food, and they were very accommodating to Victoria, who was uncharacteristically hard to please.

The fundraiser was from 5 to 9 and Jennifer wisely suggested that we go early to miss the crowd. She left shortly before 5 in my car to pick up Victoria and bring her back while I finished up at work. I was work, work, working away when I heard a beep in the parking lot. I grabbed my big box of stuff-I-always-bring-home-with-the-thought-of-working-on-it-but-never-do and my purse and I shut my office door. Then I remembered my keys in the desk drawer. Not again! Yes. But Jennifer had her house and car keys, so I just borrowed them for the night. Easy.

The babysitter had asked me to pick up some stuff at the grocery store, so we ran in and got her items on the way home and dropped them off. It was after 7:30 and one of her daycare kids was still there. This happens a lot. I don't know how she stands it.

Back at home we played a game of Candyland and colored and whatall and then read some books. Unfortunately, Victoria now likes to have me read to her from some limp-cloth cover early readers she unearthed somewhere. The illustrations are adorable but the text is horrible to read aloud: Go to Mother, Susan. Susan and Nancy can help Mother. Mother is in the house. One nice thing is that Victoria can read the words go and up and she likes to find them on the page when she hears them read. But one nice thing does not rescue the operation. Reading these books is a giant pain for me. ESPECIALLY last night--after I had left her, she turned her light back on and started reading the good books out loud to herself, like salt in the wound, you know? Then she wandered downstairs and announced that she would be sleeping on the couch, an idea that didn't work for me because I was doing homework in that room. She stalked off to sleep on my bed. It was almost 11pm at this point and I just let her go.

Shortly thereafter I found Christopher chowing down on the Dora the Explorer cookies I had bought for Victoria's lunches. He always eats her snacks. It's infuriating how two weeks' worth of food disappears in three days. I asked him not to eat her cookies and he complained that there was nothing else to eat. This is not true and I showed him all the food I had brought in on Saturday night. Except for the two gallons of milk, which were already gone. Gah!

This morning, Christopher woke up and claimed he felt terrible. I okayed his staying home. It's a rare occurrance for him to be too sick for school. Victoria was very grumpy, edging on hysterical, and it was difficult to get out of the house. I dropped her off at the sitters and went to the grocery store AGAIN, got some food for Chris, and drove back to the house. There was another car in the driveway. My first thought was that Chris had called a friend to come over and play hooky. I stormed in, dumped the groceries in the kitchen, and stomped up the stairs to find Chris fast asleep. Oh well, I made him get up anyway and help me put the groceries away. The car belongs to a neighbor (we have the biggest driveway on the block, people with skimpy driveways sometimes borrow ours).

I got to work about an hour late, but boy am I glad to be here. All is calm and peaceful and grown-up here, relatively. At the moment. Good enough!
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