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good morning

It seems like at least once a month I get so behind things that I end up working through a night. Since I was gone last week and only came to work on Friday, with a class to prepare for on Monday, the whole weekend turned out to be one of those nights. I made it through the class fine--very well, actually, it worked out better than I could have hoped. The drive to the babysitter was brutal. I had to keep doing keep-awake-in-the-car tricks to, you know, keep awake in the car. I got Victoria and we went home. I was trying to hang with her until her bedtime but at some point I sat in a chair and fell asleep, maybe for an hour. I woke up around 9pm and Victoria was happily washing a rubber duck in the bathroom sink. From the pools of water on the floor, I guessed that she had been at it for a while.

Then I noticed that the mirror behind the toilet (she has to stand on the toilet to reach the mirror) was smeared with something. Next I noted the open vat of Vaseline (Costco, thanks) and figured out what the pre-duck-washing activity must have been. It turns out that Vaseline is not hard to wash off of mirrors at all and the rest of the night went smoothly as well.

The best part about being really tired is how great the bed feels when you go to sleep, for the 3.5 minutes that you feel anything at all. I woke up feeling fantastic. The weather could be nicer, and it was an unpleasant surprise to learn that the Vaseline application had not been done entirely by hand--I surmised this immediately prior to brushing my teeth--but otherwise the morning has been flawless. Not flossless!

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