koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

ten things

I am this close to going on vacation. At 4:35 a very important dude called me and asked for a crucial report which I had not yet written. There's no way this vid could wait a week for his cr, so I went home, got everything packed except my very sparkly dress and was getting ready to come back to work when Brian returned (he's been out of town). I asked him if he had a way to pack my vsd and he said no. Damn. I went to work and I just finished the cr and I have one teensy thing to do to get a slightly less cr out of the way as well. We are supposed to leave for the airport in five hours. So I decided to write in lj.

  1. camped under a full moon at White Sands, NM
  2. been hit by a pickup truck while bicycling (also a taxi. also a minivan. a couple of car doors.)
  3. melted a car radiator
  4. lived in a cardboard box for a week
  5. stayed married for a score of years
  6. got bitten by a desert centipede.
  7. bought 2000 books during a lunch break
  8. wasted a National Merit Scholarship
  9. run a successful albeit somewhat illegal concession stand
  10. never had a cold sore

Ok, back to work. And then vacation!

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