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Skip will think I missed the point. I do get it.

This morning I took a shower.

The bathroom I use is cold and tiny and mine, all mine. Ok, mine and Brian's and the Bank of America's. But thanks to a crazy housing market, it is mostly ours and Brian is hardly ever home. Today he was home and we were lying in bed when the insufferable radio came on and I smashed it quiet and lay back down. He said, "I am going to see my parents today, so I can't pick up Victoria from the sitter." I said ok. Then he said, "If you could drop her off, too, that would be nice." I said, "Crap. I'd better get going then." I went to take my shower.

Just a sliver of soapy-smelling white soap. Weird dandruff shampoo I bought when the weather turned cold (it works like magic, but it isn't sudsy at all--it feels like I am smearing hand lotion on my head and then rinsing it off). Dampish towel pulled out of the laundry because I forgot to take a new one downstairs with me. Got dressed except for my jeans which I also forgot to bring downstairs. Walmart toothpaste from Kansas. Glide floss. Came upstairs, brushed my hair and finished getting dressed. Put Victoria's lunch in her bag.

Went up some more stairs. Woke Victoria and shoveled her into some clothes. Brian asked if she wanted jelly on her toast and of course she did. Bah. My almost-never-fails plan for getting out on time depends on having a breakfast that works in the car. Jelly doesn't. So while her highness dawdled over her breakfast, I checked my email and saw that a book had sold. I got it ready to go with the one I had already packaged.

The car was covered with misty stuff. I have a roll of paper towels in the back, so I tore off a couple and wiped the windows. On the window behind the driver's seat, I drew a happy face. A drop of water raced down the middle of the face, bisecting it. Victoria thought I was very clever to have arranged this, so I pretended that I had indeed arranged it. On the way to the sitter, we sang the states-in-alphabetical-order song, or I did. Victoria pretty much sticks to Alabama and Ohio and leaves the rest of the states to me. We sang it more than once. We sang it more than three times.

Got yelled at by the babysitter. She taught me how to make dahl last week and sent me home with a vat of it. I have yet to return the vat, also a smaller container she sent home with soup for Victoria when she had a cough. Do not get sick around this woman. She has a thousand cures, half of which come in iffy-looking bottles from the caribbean market, the other half she concocts herself. She came at me last week with some tamarind syrup to get rid of the slimes. I don't have the slimes, but she swore she could hear it in my voice. She was just happy to have found the right kind of tamarind pods to make this stuff, I think--she was cruising for victims and I got caught. Dreadful stuff. I promised to bring the containers tomorrow and she let me go to work.

Work is work. My purported job is fun and my immediate coworkers are all swell, but outside our tiny group there are issues and crankiness and too many demands and I say the hell with it. I like my real life a lot better than my work life. At lunch time I went to three banks and the post office. I talked to the president of our local booksellers' association and we made plans to meet for dinner tomorrow night. I was going to chill at home with Victoria and work ahead on my Spanish (I am going to miss a class next week because I will be in San Diego, woohoo!) but I just learned that some people will be going to Wednesday night and I like to say hi to people every so often.

There a lot to be thankful for. I suspect that you didn't know this was a meme. It is. Take a minute, think it over, and list the little things that has been afforded you, as I have above. Then paste this paragraph at the end.
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