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I haven't posted in a while, but I can assure you that I have been flossing. It is not exactly a habit yet: each morning I consciously think, "What if I have something to say on lj? I had better floss, just in case."

I was up and out on time yesterday and eager to repeat this performance today. What seems to work is to get Victoria to bed late and let her sleep until the last possible second. Then I get her up, dressed, fed and out. If she wakes up before I am totally ready to go, all bets are off.

Everything was working this morning until we got to the car and I couldn't open it because I did not have my keys. Oh. I checked all the ways back into the house and they were blocked. (That's good, usually.) I had a big box of stuff to bring to work, but it was too bulky to carry, so I left it in the shed. The bike would have been quicker, but I had a dress on and bad shoes, so we walked to the babysitter's house. Then I walked to work. It was a nice day, if breezy, so I kept telling myself things could be worse. For one, at least I have a house and car to be locked out of.

I called Jennifer and asked her to drop by my office with her keys. She objected! She thinks I should come get the keys from her! I overruled her objection because I was already late coming in to work, but that was a little over an hour ago and I don't see any keys yet...

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