koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

That's more like it

Yesterday was a lot more interesting than the day before. I flossed. Then I called my coworker and told her that Brian was all dogged out and I was going to have to return the guest dog. She said, "No problem. His owner turned up." (Turns out his name is Poony. I'm glad I didn't know that earlier. He responded quite well to Sweetie, Squirt, and Pokey while staying with us. Brian called him Dog and the two of them never quite hit it off.)

I dropped Poony (Unbelievable! Poony is a name for, say, a red shirt ensign in a leprechaun version of Star Trek.) off at her house, which is on the way to ednoria's, and then continued on to the yoga party. The cancelled yoga party. kugelblitz had ventured out for bagels and thought the roads were too snowy, so the party was off. But I was there, and so were the bagels. If that isn't a party, then what is? We did the yoga, too, and a perfect back-limbering set it was. There was plenty of shoveling in my immediate future. And I won the doorprize! An especially salubrious bookmark: not only is it lovely, but a note on the back assures me that it was made for my convenience and long life.

I stopped at Office Depot on the way back for index cards. I had to browse a while because I LOVE office supply stores. Tore myself away and started shoveling the sidewalk before I even went inside. I did the front sidewalk and the walkway up to the house (because I LOVE my mail carrier) and the back steps. Then I went inside (everyone was gone) and checked my email. Saw the yoga party cancellation note. Oh well. Saw a freecycle note offering more than three years of recent back issues of Gastronomica! Offered to take them ASAP. Did some homework, some laundry, then everyone came home. They had been at Brian's parents' house. His dad has been suffering from a variety of annoying symptoms for months. Last week his doctors decided to treat for multiple myeloma. The freecycle guy wrote back that the journals were waiting for me on his porch. Victoria and I drove over to pick them up--they are excellent! Brian and Christopher left to play basketball, Victoria and I danced (she loves DDR but really doesn't get it, not at all) and watched two episodes of Peewee's Playhouse (I got the whole series for Christmas) and read a bunch of books. She went to sleep.

Brian came home and broiled steaks. I have to remember to put the battery back in the smoke alarm. We ate dinner and watched a horrible movie Christopher insisted was funny. I have seen some Ali G interviews that were pretty humorous, but this movie was irredeemably awful. Started a new Civilization game. Why?! I am an idiot. Went to bed quite late and now it's Monday. I flossed, I'm at work, all the usual stuff.

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