koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

not much of anything

First, I walked the dog. He's such a nice little dog. Anyone would agree. He has even stopped marking, so as far as I can tell he is perfect.

Then I flossed and stuff.

Went to class. Yes, I did finagle my way into class by means of calling every human reachable by phone and singing my very sad song until some merciful soul caved and let me in. I'm glad I got in a real class; I haven't liked my online classes too well so far.

Then I bought some groceries. I tried to go to Costco but the parking lot was so full that I was frightened away. I went to the Shoppers Food Warehouse nearby instead. Compared to the Takoma Park SFW, the Beltsville one is a sparkling showcase of grocery goodness. The checker even bagged my stuff. The problem with all SFWs is the weird and limited selection of brands. I hate their yogurt selection particularly.

Walked the dog. Did some house chores. Made dinner. For no discernible cause, Brian requested that the dog be returned to my coworker. I don't know why he can't tough it out another day, since he's leaving again on Monday, but I tried calling her all evening to no avail. Played a Victoria-adjusted version of Alphanature, a nature trivia game.

See? Not much of anything.

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