koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

dog star


My coworker's sister found a dog near Newmarket over the weekend. She couldn't keep him and my coworker didn't want him to go to the pound, so she took him. He's not a good fit with her five other dogs, so I said he could stay with us for a while. I like guest dogs! I do think they'll find his owner--he was trailing a leash when they found him. He has a very gentle disposition and gets along fine with Victoria but he marks inside and that is bad. Oh, very bad! I stuck a diaper on him (two surprises: he let me put a diaper on him and he let the diaper stay) for when he's in the house. I think a part of the problem is that he's not neutered. Why would someone dock his tail but not snip his manliness? Anyway, he seems pretty happy in our kitchen. It would be REAL nice if we could find his real owners before tomorrow, when Brian returns...

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