koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

45s and LPs

I flossed. I'm supposed to be working but I'm procrastinating instead. Victoria and I played a bunch of Candyland and The Wiggles Game (I prefer TWG of the two) while listening to records. We started by listening to singles (Puff the Magic Dragon, way better than the one on Peter, Paul and Mommy; Blowin' in the Wind; It's Raining Men) but you don't get much game time with the flipping and switching so we switched to albums. Sing Along in Italian (we can not); Sleepytime Bird, I'll skip right to side two in the future; The Fine Art of Surfacing, as swell an album as I remembered; some Russiany smooth 60ish jazz, I can't read; Can U Dig It, two versions on a promo album; and now it's Jan Peerce in Las Vegas. I may have forgotten some of the lineup, but you get the picture: thriftstore-driven playlist.

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