koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

term life

When open season finally crept up this year (sneakier than usual), I checked out the term life rates and they seemed a bit high, even for a person of my advanced years. I called my car&house insurance agent (State Farm) and theirs were even higher. So I went to the selectquote site and got some rock-bottom rates but I had to let someone sample my fluids to do so. This morning I was late (surprise!) and the sweet med tech was idling near the entrance gate when I got to work. Oh, I forgot to mention that just before this happened I did floss. So nice! What a job this guy has, tooling around the metro area weighing people and collecting their blood and pee. I think it would be a nice break for a while to have a job that consists of completing discrete tasks. Maybe not. Piecework is fairly tiresome. I can't even bear to knit a pair of mittens. The first one is fine, but then I am done knitting mittens for a while. If someone were paying me to knit a pair of socks, I would charge about $125, $12 of which would be for the first sock. Delivery is extra and there is a wait time of up to four months.

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