koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Day Three

I am such an awesome flosser, yes I am. Back at work today, everyone looks pretty glum. I feel pretty good, actually, although I wish I had less of a pile-up on my desk. Brian bought way too much alcohol for the big holiday party we had yesterday, but I didn't drink much at all. He got dopey beer--I am not interested in (read: too old to bother) drinking beer that's not tasty. The liquor I would be happy to get rid of asap. We don't usually keep any around the house and why should we?

At the party, my MIL asked where Victoria would be going to school and I told her that I was going to homeschool her. Brian actually came up with the idea a few months ago, after I had been harboring a secret desire to do it anyway. It wasn't a lot of fun defending the idea to a bunch of in-laws. Even my other two kids thought it was a bad idea. I had been thinking more about how I was going to do the schooling part, not the talking-about-it part. I didn't spend any time arguing, though (my goal for each family party is to stay out of "debates") and just listened and said "oh" a lot. Very tiring. I wasn't looking for their approval anyway, so I had nothing to gain by investing more words in the matter. Anyway, it seemed as though the group of moms (MIL, SIL, and BIL wife) talked themselves around to thinking that it might just work. Both J and C think it will make her weird.

Speaking of weird. (Damn. This was supposed to be a short note exulting in my third day of flossing success. I have too much to do to be rambling on and on and...) My older kids are terribly normal and I wonder why. It's nothing to complain about, but they are so, you know, well-adjusted and stuff. I expected them to be weirder. They seem pretty happy, which is good. I guess I can appreciate it without understanding it.

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