koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

bright spot

Gloomy skies, horrible news, and my SIL requested Goosebumps books for her kids. I hate Goosebumps. I found a dozen yesterday and also picked up a video that I had heard something about: Roly Poly Olie. I thought someone had mentioned that this was a good show for kids. Instead, I think they might have said that this was one of those inane, gentle shows that are the video equivalent of laudanum. Of course Victoria loved it. Watched it four times in a row. I am grateful that the thing came on VHS; the break provided by the need to rewind was most appreciated.

This morning we found the errant bunny blanket waiting for us on the back door. skipernicus, I believe you had a hand in this--thank you! It was a lovely surprise and a joyful reunion.

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