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Boxing day recap

The Washington Post still says "at least 13,000" but the BBC is now reporting upwards of 20,000 dead from yesterday's 9.0 earthquake under the sea near Indonesia. The first tremor struck early and we kept getting updates, all horrifying, through the day. Meanwhile, here at 38.983214 N, 77.000715 W things were generally calm and enjoyable.

I left Victoria and her Play-doh to Brian as Jennifer and I went to the yoga party, the Select-a-Pose edition. Everything came together for me this time. My habitual spot in the room was closest to the roaring fire, a big plus. The plow thing that confounded me earlier was not a problem this time. That was just the yoga segment. Then we broke out the party food. Yes!

On the way home we stopped to go grocery shopping. I had a free coffee coupon (the Safeway near ednoria has a Starbucks in it) so Jennifer got the coffee while I checked out the produce aisle. Nothing spectacular. Grocery shopping is more fun near my house, where something odd is always popping up. There's a new Korean store at the old bowling alley near Piney Branch on University that's next on my list of places to check out. Finished shopping and got another coffee coupon, so Jennifer went back to the booth while I put stuff in the car.

We got home to find Brian and Victoria butting heads over naptime. Brian was in favor of it, V not so much. I agreed to join her in a nap and that was alright. More so, because we had a choice of fine new blankets, woohoo! Then she slept a long time and I put the house back together a little while Brian shut himself in the bathroom and made painting noises and smells. Later I peeked in and couldn't see any new paint anywhere. Finally, this morning, it occurred to me to open the closet door.

Victoria woke up just in time for us to join another Brookside Gardens light show expedition. We would have taken the subway but we were running late and Jennifer agreed to drop us off on her way to a party. That turned out to be a great boon because I learned walking around the show that my new eBay sneakers have an R value somewhere to the right of the decimal point. They are literally as cool as they look. We had fun looking around and then we watched the beginning of Fantasia 2000, which I thought would scare Victoria but she seemed to like it. A lot. Brian came to pick us up before it was over and she was pretty unhappy about leaving.

Christopher and his friend were stopping by the house just as we got home. They were on their way to a party but took a few minutes to get Victoria all riled up just before I tried to put her in bed. Thanks, guys. So she got to bed very late again and is sleeping in again, hence the long lj entry. I don't have to get to work on time at all this week anyway.

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