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Kids and church, what to do

I am very pleased with how the church thing worked out for my older kids. I started going to a Lutheran church in time for them to go through the confirmation class, which lasts for a couple of middle-school years (per kid). I wanted them to get the experience of attending regular services, some knowledge of the culture, and expand their range of acquaintances. The music program was a big unplanned plus, especially for my daughter. Now my son is a senior in HS, my older daughter is in college, and we haven't attended for about two years.

It's a big relief to me. I was hoping I could expand my range of acquaintances as well, but I never really fit in. I chaperoned study hall for the confirmation class for three years, then I spent another four years teaching the 9-12 grade sunday school class. I thought volunteering would help me get into the social groove there, but I was pretty uncomfortable with most of the grownups. The kids were fine, great actually. The fact that I don't believe in any god didn't help matters. I kept as neutral as I could, but of course I felt fake most of the time.

So what do I do with my youngest? She is three now. The thought of another long stint of smiling and respectful head-bowing doesn't make me too happy, but I don't want her to miss something important. I looked into the local ethical society, but it's just too out there for me and I can't imagine my husband ever having anything to do with it--he was very cooperative with the Lutheran thing. Unitarians? I don't know. I have some time to figure out something, I guess.

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