koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

inexplicably tightlipped

I spend most of my "lunch" "hours" (I don't eat and it's a half-hour) at the post office. Yesterday the road was blocked by police and I had to sneak in the back way to mail my packages. There was a gathering of well-dressed folk at the subway/train station and among them I spotted our governor. I wondered what was up but I didn't have time to investigate.

I didn't see anything in today's paper, so I went to his website and saw on his schedule for yesterday "Remarks at College Park Transportation Announcement." Then I poked around looking for what "College Park Transportation Announcement" might have been but found nothing. So I called the office and asked.

Person answering phone: What does it say on the schedule?
Me: It says "Remarks at College Park Transportation Announcement." I was just wondering what that announcement was.
Person: Did you look on the website?
Me: Yes, I did. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place? Can you tell me what the announcement was?
Person: If it does not appear on the website, then it is not intended for the public.

What? Does Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., have a habit of blocking thoroughfares in order to stand outside making amplified secret announcements? I couldn't get anywhere on the phone with this lady, so I asked the clerk at the post office when I went today. She said that she overheard one of the other speakers say something about making College Park safer. So when I got back to work I called the Mayor's office and had no trouble.

Person answering phone: Oh yes. He gave us money for something. Lights? Hold on. I know it was about money. We got some money. (Puts the phone down and asks someone, "What was that money for, the thing the Governor came to talk about?" Picks up the phone.) Yes, we applied for a community legacy grant and got it. It's for street lighting, sidewalks, that kind of stuff. You should see some improvements in College Park soon. Well, Spring. It's kind of cold to be putting things in now. Haha!
Me: Thank you.


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