koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Party Game

I forgot to write about how great the game went at the office party. Ann and I are the entertainment committee. Ann is a comedic genius and I am a skilled coattail-rider, so we make a good team. Last year's AGNR Jeopardy was a big hit, so we first planned to do a Hollywood Squares game but soon figured out that the tic-tac-toe angle slowed things down too much. We want everyone at the party to get a chance to play and the game shouldn't take more than an hour total. We came up with a speedier method and called it "AGree or DisAGree"--we work for the College of Agriculture, get it? If you think that's bad, you should see (and hear) the little ditty I put together for the intro.

Ahead of time, we taped interviews with a bunch of people who work with us but are not in our department. We asked them agriculture questions, UM questions, and questions about our department admin assistant. Then we clipped each single q&a into quicktime snippets and placed them in random order. Interspersed with the regular questions were made-up interviews with the dean (Ann behind a dean's face cut-out), with one of the several dogs who comes to work regularly, with the office Guy Whose Stories Never End, and with the farmer and the fisherman from the state seal of Maryland. Contestants had to decide whether the interviewees had answered their question correctly. Everybody loved it. The GWSNE question was really the best; I had planned to put in three of them but when I finished making the first one I realized that it was very, very, very mean. And funny. So we used it but I stopped at one. Because I am nice. Just not very nice.

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