koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

the best way for nothing to go as planned

When the fabulous human being who is thirdbase announced that she would be harboring children for the day, I planned three alternative ways to spend a V-less Saturday. If Brian were to be home, we would do something fun. If not, I would Christmas shop or work on some work at work that isn't working right. None of that happened.

Christopher was going, too, to help watch kids. He had been there before and I hadn't, so he gave me a copy of the directions. He failed to mention that the directions were based on maps that must have been ten years old, so we took a little tour of rainy-day Laurel before accidentally finding the house. Once there, I sorta shoved Victoria through the mail slot and lit out for home. Brian was home and we were going to have some fun!

Except Brian's idea of fun was that he was going to take a little nap and then see what he felt like doing. Fine. I sopped up some seepage from our weepy basement and starting culling and cataloging books. Every now and then I would check in on Brian. He eventually woke up but thought he should read a little before leaping into the fun portion of our day. I made a run to the post office and an attempt to visit the market where I found the fantastic phyllo a little while ago--it's been shut down each time I've visited since then. No hours posted. If they've gone out of business I will be very sad.

When I got back, Brian said he would entertain fun ideas if I had any. I suggested that we get a new filter for the kitchen spigot because the old one broke a while ago. We took a trip to Shoppers Food Warehouse and got one. Whee!

I don't let just anyone into my office. I try not to let anyone not related by blood even downstairs. It is a pit, a disaster area, a wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling jumble of books and boxes and packing stuff and ephemera. So when I say that I cleared a path from the door to my desk, I am saying something that few can appreciate. There is a swath of BARE FLOOR the whole way. I am beside myself with joy.

Awash with accomplishment, I realized that I was tired of childlessness so I went back to Laurel and found Christopher sprawled across a couch watching half a dozen kids tear through the house. Victoria was in no mood to depart, as she made clear, and they were all fun kids to hang out with. I hung out a while. Chris had to leave for work and eventually Victoria and I tore ourselves away. She was very tired, but when we got back, Brian was all hot to buy a Christmas tree. We did that and some other running around and came home to put another two strings of lights on the light-hog of a tree out front. It helps, but the thing still needs more lights. We set the tree in its stand but as I am typing this I just realized that we didn't put the water in. I promise to do that as soon as I finish this entry.

Victoria wanted to read Hop on Pop. She thought it would be a better book--there's not much story to it. She accused me of reading it wrong. I offered to read something else instead, but she preferred to continue with the bad book, complaining page by page. Then she went to bed and fell asleep immediately.

As soon as I water the tree, I am going downstairs to march back and forth from door to desk. This is so GREAT!

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