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go go go and another mac question

A lot got done, but none of it was very interesting.
Finished painting Victoria's room. Don't try to research the beginning date of this project, it's too depressing. I think it took a semester to paint one bedroom.

Got the money for the office holiday party. I donate the profits from the blackmarket concession stand in the corner of my office each year. Withdrawing money from the bank is a big deal for me. I do it about twice a year.

Got hat and mittens for the hat and mitten tree. Bear for the collect a bear thing. Present for Jack's birthday party. Wrapping paper for the fabulous office party prizes. Do I need wrapping paper? Not at all. I bought a ton, too. It all looked so good.

Got supplies for the concession corner. Got some tape, too. Do I need tape? I of all people do not need more tape. I am just a sucker for shiny stuff and strips of adhesive. Bandaids included. I love bandaids.

Stopped by the coffee place because some game people were demonstrating their games and I needed a couple. I debated not stopping because I was behind schedule, but I made it in and out in eight minutes, including a cup of coffee. To go.

Dropped off the soda and candy at work.

Held the end of a string of lights while Brian used a light-bulb-screwing-in pole with an eye screwed in near the top to get some lights somewhere near the top of the tree. Added another string and then two more. Brian went to some football thing.

Got Victoria ready for Jack's party. We can't find the zebra dress, which is a damned shame because it's great weather for a zebra dress. We are the first ones at the party. Jack is asleep. His mom calls to his brother, Danny, to come out and play with Victoria. Danny calls back, "I can't. I have diabetes." (He is four and he does.) We did play with Danny and then some more people came but I didn't know anyone. The guys were all football talkers and the women were chatting about preschools so I played with the kids and then talked to the grandparents a while.

I went to the bookstore to pick up the brochure holder I borrowed from work. Borders lets groups do giftwrapping for donations and this weekend the HS After Prom Party committee was wrapping. I made a kinda lame poster and 50 gorgeous brochures for it and dropped them off Thursday night. When I got to the store tonight, nothing. No poster. No brochures. No holder. I asked the volunteers, but they didn't know. I asked the store clerk, who looked for a while and got a manager, who found a holder for standard pages. I said, "No, that's not mine. That would be an upgrade." He looked in a few more places and gave me the big holder. "Take the upgrade. I don't know what happened to yours." I said ok, but it's going to be hard to explain tomorrow. If I do explain. Maybe I'll just put this one back and let people think it grew over the weekend. Anyway, the new Borders in Silver Spring seems a little light on books to me, but very pleasant otherwise.

Saw the tree in the dark and I thought it looked good. Brian got home right after we did and he thought it was terrible. We added two more strings and we would have added more if we had them. Put Victoria to bed. Ate some gross salty soup called "Chicken Pot Pie". Now I have to pull together all of the fabulous prizes and make sure that we've got enough to go around. And wrap them.

Is there a problem with the ibook airport thing and WEP? It sees my network and asks for the string but keeps rejecting it. If I turn off security on the network I get a nice strong connection. No problems with the wireless at work, either. Any clues greatly appreciated. Got my own clue, thank me very much. I'm welcome.

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