koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

not really catching up

I haven't posted a journal entry in a while.

I wouldn't be posting now except I am in the middle of writing a report so tedious that it deserves another adjective, one that will more accurately describe the project by placing the reader in a locked-in state approximation for a minute or two. I don't know this word and if I did I would refer to it just as obliquely--in case someone happened to be running toast under the broiler or operating heavy machinery while reading. Or petting one of those cats that likes to be petted for a random number of seconds and then turns on you and slices your arm open or sinks its little fangs into your opponens pollicis. Still, it would be the more appropriate term and the worst part is that this is just the first of three such reports.

If I don't finish today I am in big trouble. Tomorrow is dedicated to other matters. Day of rest my ass. That reminds me! I was searching the UMD site for something related to the university and dogs and saw the following: Ambiguity Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim. Hehe. Alright, back to work now.

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