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strudel / Philadelphia

Last week I made a couple of strudels. The nice thing about strudel is that you don't need a recipe, you can just fill it with whatever's handy. The bad thing about doing this is that sometimes you get crappy strudel. One of mine was too moist. I should have pressed the apple dry before adding it. The other one, though, came out so well that I might try to do it again. I have three holiday brunch things scheduled already--since my friends don't mind being lab rats, now my family and co-workers can skate through the season.

strudel filling
About 1/3 cup of each, food-processed together:
macadamia nuts, shredded coconut, dried apricots, prunes
plus the zest of one orange
Sprinkled with sugar with ground ginger and allspice mixed in

Never-frozen phyllo dough is $2 a box at the little store behind the Middle Eastern restaurant up the street. Each box has 20+ sheets. File under Amazing Discoveries.

Thanksgiving Plans

Christopher wants to have dinner with his girlfriend's family. Jennifer and I are going to volunteer somewhere; Brian and Victoria are going to amuse each other. We'll probably end up at Tastee Diner again. Then on Friday we are driving to Philadelphia. There are a hundred cool places to visit, but I don't want it to be a dragging-a-sulking-teen-around weekend. The outdoor skating rink opens on Friday, so I think that will be part of it. The Franklin Institute has a visible music thing at the planetarium and they are bringing out their giant tinkertoys that weekend. Somehow, though, I have to get to the Rosenbach museum. I can be as circumspect as all get-out, but it is inevitable that the words rare books will be heard or seen and then all hell will break loose. Chris is already resisting the trip on general principles. Ah, family!

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