koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

On Sunday morning, the damned temporary crown popped off of my tooth again. Since I'm already scheduled to have last week's dentist peer into the gaping hole she left in my jaw this Tuesday, I figure she will paste it back on for me. A smart person would have eaten little on a day like that, but I had a yoga party and an Eid ul-Fitr party to attend.

The yoga party was themed "restorative" this time, perfect for a person who had spent the previous day in a bad chair, typing madly. And I won the drawing! A lavender eye pillow! I am pretty excited about my lavender eye pillow, which says something about the state of my life right now but I don't care. As it turned out, "restorative" does not mean "easy" and I had to skip another scary pose, something like a hanging plow. One of the other participants demonstrated the plow for us with extraordinary grace, very inspiring. Then we sat around eating.

On the way up to the yoga party, it was obvious that this was a big day at the mosque. The parking lot was full and cars were lined along both sides of New Hampshire Avenue. That night, we went to the babysitter's party for the end of Ramadan and sat around eating some more. She is my favorite cook, and I always meet interesting people at her parties. We were comparing school systems for some reason and it was interesting to hear how they differed in Trinidad, Guyana, Ghana, and Tanzania: not much. We ended up comparing the British system with the American, with the British secondary system winning and the American university system winning. That got Brian started on vouchers/school choice again, which made me glad that he had to leave for Pennsylvania immediately following the party. I can prepare my side of the argument before he returns. He's supposed to be back in town through Thanksgiving, which is a long time to have to share the helm. If only he would just come home and do everything my way...

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