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halloween weekend

The nice thing about a Sunday Halloween is that you can have an extra Halloween on Saturday, which is what we did. Now I will outline with lj-cut text a skeleton of the weekend, for those who don't need to know every excruciating (and how!) detail.

Victoria went to daycare in costume, with a change of clothes in her bag. She did not feel like changing her clothes, and in fact wanted to sleep as a spider but I needed to wash the costume. We played Perfection, the puzzle game that pops up when a timer runs out, for about 200 hours. Jennifer recently moved all of the games from a closet upstairs into a bookshelf in the dining room. We have more games than I thought we did--I'm not much of a game player. I just like boggle and scrabble, the rest I could do without. There are a couple of little building toys, too, that I used to love when I was a kid. Victoria likes the construct-o straws, but my favorite is rig-a-jig. I used to chew on the little red plastic connectors, so we're a little short on those. I may try to find some more on eBay.

Walked up to the post office. Last week at the book party, a friend convinced me to sign up with Alibris in addition to ABE for selling. I had some trouble earlier keeping two sets of inventory updated and had decided then to just go with ABE. Now that I'm more organized (which is not saying much), I think I can handle two venues. Jeez, I wish she had talked me into it earlier--orders started coming in right away. Very nice. Then Brian took Jennifer to see a football game and I put my costume together. I made a necklace of corks that came out great. Then I made cardboard horns and taped them to a plastic headband. That also looked pretty good, to me at least. I magic-markered black spots on a white shirt and I had some flowers to carry. I braided an excellent tail out of white cotton string. That came out the best, I enjoyed wearing a tail. I was supposed to be Ferdinand the Bull, but no one recognized me.

We walked up to Old Town for the costume contest and parade. Victoria fell for all of the tv- or movie-character costumes. She thought every 40-inch high Spiderman was really Spiderman. "Hi Spiderman! Hi Spiderman!" She'd follow a kid around until he'd turn and look at her (and sometimes say hi back). That's when she'd run away in elated terror. She was enthralled by Clifford, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Mike Wazowski, a pirate, and about a dozen Spidermen. It was a big crowd. Once we had gathered, the police closed off the streets leading to the elementary school and we paraded. I felt like a dolt because most of the grownups didn't have costumes at all and if they did they were cool, like a nifty hat or a fancy dress. I was the goofiest adult by far. At the elementary school, we were going to see the step team perform and then watch Luis the Magician. Victoria thought there would be dancing. Usually, when there is a crowd in town, there is also a stage set up and music. We have a couple of festivals each year and she likes the dancing best. In the school lunchroom, there was barely room to sit, much less dance. She was absorbing this disappointment while I held her on my lap. I soon realized that I was also absorbing something and we made a quick dash for home. The spider costume got another run through the laundry, Victoria got a quick bath, and Ferdinand lost his hind legs. We ran back to the show and she watched the last three magic tricks while wearing her pjs.

Earlier, I had thought that Brian, Victoria, and I would go to my friend's halloween party together and stay a short while. It was clear that Victoria was done for the day, so Brian stayed home with her. Before I left for the party, I went to the bathroom and forgot that I was wearing a tail until I had to drag it out of the toilet. So Ferdinand lost his tail. It was a great night for a party and they have an excellent yard for it. They are neighbors, but live about eight blocks away so I didn't know most of the people there. As usual, I stayed longer than regular people. With no watch, it's hard to figure out when to leave, especially when there's still lots of beer. I drank more than I should have, too.

But I felt ok later when it was time to go to the yoga party. These are always very fun and the theme of "backbends" sounds scarier than it was. It was a stretchy routine and we did some things that would never--never in a lifetime of moving my body parts to get through each day and night--never have occurred to me, to arrange myself these ways. It was an excellent hangover repellent, at any rate. I felt great afterwards and not a twinge the next day, although I am adding the shoulder-stretch-up thing to my day because I was surprised by how little extension I had in that direction. Sometimes ednoria amazes us with a spectacular demontration and she did it yesterday by starting in a hero pose and lying down on her back, folded at the knees like a piece of paper. I tried something like it, but it was too scary. So I guess the halloween theme worked after all.

Chris took Victoria out and Brian and I stayed behind to answer the door. We always get a low turn-out because our street is so busy. I like handing out stuff, it's too bad. The rest of the neighborhood is good. They were out for an hour and she collected a lot of stuff. Chris had a couple of funny stories. The best was when a lady was handing Victoria some candy and a guy who was with her said, "Oh, there's a tiger coming up behind you." Chris got a look at the tiger, who was about one and a half years old and being carried by his dad. Victoria didn't gather details, she just ran. She dropped her bag and shot down the sidewalk all the way to the end of the street. Chris caught up with her at the corner and she said, "Whew! That was a close one."

Now for the very scary part. I'm glad I signed on to work as an election judge because I will be too busy to worry about what's going on all day tomorrow.

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