koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Gritty Little Spider

A few years ago, Brian found costumes at Old Navy after Halloween. They were marked down to $2 each and in an uncharacteristic move, he bought one each of every size they had. Last year she was a pink poodle. The year before that, a bunny. This year she is a spider, we think. A yellow-bellied wolf spider.

She has been practicing her lines: Trickortreat and Thankyou. She was a spider today for the babysitter, she'll be in the neighborhood parade tomorrow, and Christopher will take her around on Sunday. In previous years, Chris was much more into it than she was, but this time I think her enthusiasm matches her brother's.

I intended to finish my costume last night but the pre-meeting meeting for our polling place judges lasted too long for me to get the last parts together. I thought I could use Jennifer's Blazer horns (the HS mascot was a devil and she had a headband with horns) but she had already given it to someone else. So I am at work without a costume. No one else here is dressed up, either.

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