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How to be an election judge etc.

It is easy. Just say something to the effect of "I wouldn't mind being an election judge" and *poof*. It was more like *fax*, but the next thing I knew I was in a grim training room in Wheaton with a bunch of other trainees. A lot of them had been judges in previous elections, but everyone gets retrained and especially for this election because there are a bunch of new rules. Boy oh boy, do new rules make old judges cranky. It was the most fractious training session I have been in since the Windows 95 rollout in my old office.

I got a spot in my home polling place right away. It's not supposed to be that easy, but I think everyone in Takoma Park is planning to be in Florida or Ohio on election day. That, plus I needed a stroke of luck for balance.

This morning the phone rang at 6:40am. The dentist noticed that I hadn't had a crown put on my root-canal tooth and wondered if I could move my appointment up 45 minutes to accommodate. Well, wasn't that nice! I blew off two appointments to put the crown on this summer, but the cleaning appointment we'd set back in April was still on her calendar. For today. At 8:45. And she thought I would remember.

I didn't remember at all, but that whole side of my mouth has been feeling weird of late, so I pretended that I was a morning person and got moving. Dropped Victoria off at 7:10 with the saintly sitter. Raced up 95 hoping I would remember how to find the office. Didn't remember. Ooh, but I found the back entrance to the Daedalus warehouse, a plus. Arrived at 8:17 or so. Spent a good two-and-a-half HOURS with my mouth stretched wide while listening to inane morning tv shows. Hank Azaria has a new show called Huff. Kelly agrees with Regis that Saturday would be better for trick-or-treating than the true Halloween Sunday. I missed some stuff because the drill was pretty loud. It turns out that things were falling apart in that little corner of my mouth and now I have to go see some dental surgeon and then go back to the dentist and then back again.

You know what? I am going to write these appointments here on lj so I can find them later.
Pamela Sherman 9501 Old Annapolis Rd Ste 313 410-964-0044 Tues Nov 9 11:30
Lisa Crafton 10380 Old Columbia Rd Ste 102 410-381-0900 Wed Dec 1 2:30 and Wed Dec 29 12:45



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