koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

the long party

Victoria's third birthday was a success, so far. We still haven't seen my parents; they'll drop by this afternoon. The invitation said 1-3 but everyone came a little later than 1pm. First it was just grown-ups, Brian's parents and our next-door neighbor, and then the kids started to roll in and Victoria was cranked up to 11 for the rest of the day. Christopher couldn't come--he was scheduled to be in driving class from 9-4 due to a combination of bad driving and poor scheduling. I think everyone else had fun. Brian dropped by to get our babysitter shortly before the party but she wasn't ready. She ended up walking up, which was a nice surprise, and critiquing the food (I think I got a B-, a very respectable grade, considering). My house, at least the public areas, looked GOOD. After she told me what I could do to improve the baklava, I said yeah but don't you just love this fabulous clean house. She gave me a glare and asked, "When are you going to do something about your car?" Around 3:30, her daughter came by with another boy from daycare, and he stayed with us until well after dark. It's hard to tell if Michael is having fun because he rarely talks or laughs. He painted a pumpkin and wore a lot of stickers. He ate some cake and then some scrambled eggs later. He fell asleep playing with toys. I wonder if he has some blood sugar thing going on. We dropped him back off at the babysitters and went to Kevin's house. Kevin had brought his two boys to the party, so they were happy to see Victoria and resume their rowdy ways. We admired their baby sister and said hi to some other friends of Brian's. It was kind of a watch-baseball and eat-dinner affair, but I am not a sports fan and we'd been eating all afternoon, so I played with the kids mostly. There was a brief flare of bad temper in the car on the way home, but Victoria fell asleep mid-rant and that was the end of the birthday day for her.

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