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Really long list of stuff

Entertaining Meme Stolen from Werewulf Stolen from Skippy
)Post these rules and all the items below in your LJ
2)Bold or otherwise highlight the ones that you have already done.
3)Italicize the ones that you want to do but haven't yet.
4)Add to the bottom of the list some things that you have done that you think that everyone should try at least once.

-White water rafting - happy to look at water, don't need to be in or on it

-Camping at Pennsic

-Running a LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game)

-Playing in a LARP

-Playing in a table top role playing game

-Surfing - water thing

-Attending a play party (a party with open sexual behaviors of some variety)

-Gothing up and going clubbing

-Having children

-Reading your writing in public

-Visiting Jamestown/Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia

-Having a threesome

-Having a foursome

-Riding a horse at a gallop

-Reading the bible

-Attending worship services

-Giving blood

-Snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico - more water

-Getting a one hour professional massage - don't much like people touching me

-Eating lobster in Maine - I don't remember eating anything but lobster last time we were in Maine

-Attending a They Might Be Giants concert - more than once

-Going Trick-or-Treating as an adult, with no kids for an excuse - never been without kids

-Taken a road trip in a fun sports car - like road trips, don't care about the vehicle

-Going to Ireland - really really really want to go

-Going to an U2 Concert - didn't particularly like the band until I was dragged to a big ole stadium concert and it was excellent

-Watching the Moon Rise in the middle of the ocean - water again

-Touring a German Concentration Camp - I would if the opportunity presented itself but it's not on my to-do list

-Taking a very long drive down a back country road at night - with a great dog. RIP, Pickett.


-Wilderness backpacking - would be fun

-Going to Disney with loved ones

-Climb a mountain - not some deadly peak, just like a beginner mountain. Mount Fuji. I'd like to walk through the Dolomites.

-Fought in plate armour against a steel sword - the less fighting, the better

-Lived in more than 2 different parts of the country

-Seen the Grand Canyon

-Tour the country of your ancestors - Kinda. I like to travel, but I'd be lost if I were seeking ancestral stuff

-Fall madly in love

- Move to a new state, for no other reason than because you've always wanted to live there - hard to imagine there being NO other reason

-Drink a bottle of extremely good wine

-skinny dipping in the ocean - still more water

-find something that fascinates you and learn about it/do it - all the time, what else is there?

-read a classic novel

-grow/raise something then eat it - just plants

-practice at and compete at a high level in a sport

-Make a full 3 course meal from scratch

-Camping in Maine

-Swim with dolphins - water

-Pet a penguin - I might if one were inclined to be petted, but I would be happy to watch without touching

-Receive an award in the SCA

-Get up close to a killer whale - Sea World

-Go on a cruise - water

-Sleep outside under the stars (not in a tent) and wake up at sunrise with the loons

-Feed wild birds out of your hand - why?

-Compliment a total stranger

-Adopt several animals from a shelter - shelters have rules and I have problems with rules, but I've taken in plenty of animals (and I appreciate shelters).

-take a hot air balloon ride

-visit another country

-take a road trip with two or more friends

-watch a sunrise or sunset into/out of the ocean with someone you care about

-visit a site that's sacred to a religion other than your own

-hold a wombat

-spend the night in a cave

-Perform on stage before strangers

-Ski in the alps

-Have something you've written published - just for work so far...

-Heard Tori Amos perform live

-Fired a gun

-Lived for a week in the woods with no supplies

-Rollercoaster Rides

-Bungee Jumping/Xtreme Skyflier

-Get pierced - my ears were pierced when I was a kid, they aren't any more

-Tour an old city and/or museum - every chance I get

-Get hit by a car - someone suggested this as a thing everyone should try once?

-Compose a piece of music and have someone else play/perform it in public

-Visit the Library of Congress and actually get a card/check out a book

-Change someone's life (for better or worse)

-Correspond with a stranger

-Have a houseguest from another country (whom you've never met in person) - several times, but we didn't interact much

-Meet a childhood hero, and become their actual friend - I've italicized this because I'm always up for becoming an actual friend, but I think most of my childhood heroes are dead now or were imaginary to begin with

-Mistake a celebrity for someone you know

-Ride a Motorcycle

-Cross the Canadian or Mexican Border - here's a tip: Cross the Mexican border at Columbus, NM, and drive to Ciudad Juarez (you'll cross back into El Paso). You will see the tiny border towns at the beginning of the ride and the gigantic ones at the end. In between, keep your eyes to the left. There is an enormous chalk horse decorating the side of a faraway hill. It's worth the trip.

-Go on the Sydney Bridge Climb

-Go ballroom dancing with friends - can't abide being touched

And my contributions

-Paint a room a color - although painting is a bit of a chore, it feels so good to have clean, colored walls

-Send mail - real mail, through the post office. People love to get real mail that isn't a bill or a catalog.

-Volunteer your time - teach a class, fix up a house, deliver meals, babysit

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