koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

party party party AND A REQUEST

Victoria's birthday party is Saturday. I have been cooking something at 2am every morning this week. Since the booksellers are having a party the next day, I'm trying to double everything so I can bring leftovers. Then the next Saturday I am going to a costume party. So I have an idea for a costume but I'm going to need a few corks. Anyone local who has a cork or two to donate to my cause is encouraged to contact me. If I find a dozen I will be happy.

I just counted and there might be 14 kids coming to this party. It's hard to tell, since Stavishes do not RSVP. My great idea of playing with big boxes in the backyard is not working out because the weather is too damp and cold. I was demonstrating for Jennifer another fantastic idea I have for a party game but she is certain that it will result in eyes being put out and limbs being snapped. I still think it's a winner, but I'll try it out on the sturdier of the Stavishes first.

Hehehe. I meant to click "Update Journal" but I hit "Spell check" instead. It seems to me that either Journal should not be capitalized (my preference) or that check should be. But I digress. Here are the suggested re-spellings for Stavishes: Starfishes, Stashes, Starfish's, Catfishes, Dervishes.

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