koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

mundane backtracking

Ooh, we get a new dishwasher! We went to Sears on Saturday and saw dishwashers priced from $178 to over $1200. Our salesguy was good. We asked, "What is the difference between the $178 Frigidaire and the $178 Kenmore?" He said that there was no difference, they're both made by Frigidaire and they are both bad. He showed us the $236 Kenmore that is actually made by Whirlpool and looks just like the Kitchenaid we're replacing--except, we hope, it has a working pump. Sold. Then we listened to the washing machine guy's spiel since Victoria wasn't complaining and we were standing right there in the middle of appliance wonderland. I wanted to look at the refrigerators, too, since I predict that will be the next thing to die, but the refrigerator lady was too scary. Good thing, too, because about 10 minutes after we got home, Brian's sister's family showed up. We sent out party invitations for Victoria's birthday for next Saturday, but they misread it. So we opened up the presents they brought and played with them.

Candyland I know. Knew. The rules are the same but they have updated the characters on the board for some reason. No problems playing Candyland.

Chutes and Ladders is an old game but new to me. There's a spinner that gives you a number from one to six. Then you move that many spaces on the board, which is a ten-by-ten grid numbered boustrophedon from bottom to top. Victoria likes spinning the spinner, but can not accept a game that has you count to, say, four as you move your marker four spaces to land on a number that isn't four. Climbing up a ladder? Sliding down a chute? We are not approaching these subtleties of play. We may never progress beyond square number six.

Went to a party on Sunday, had a lot of fun. Came back to work, not so fun. Man, I am really tired of work. And it's not even hard! I have a new plan, Brian is on board with it so far. But for now--must. keep. working. for. the. man. Too bad the man is Governor Ehrlich.

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