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Midnight oil

I have a nice lantern-shaped, well, lantern. For camping. It runs on batteries and has a fluorescent tube thing instead of a wick. It's sitting next to me right now as I still haven't managed to fix the light in my office and I have a project that needs to be finished before I get to work tomorrow. I couldn't start any earlier because it took this long to wear Victoria out since we got home. Now I am foolishly updating my journal when I could be working. I figure it won't take long since not much has happened.

We decided to have a party for Victoria's third birthday. Just a kids and their parents party, but I did invite the babysitter because how could I not? She is a party herself. I told her about the party this morning and by the time I came to pick up Victoria, she had come up with a short list of things I had already done wrong regarding party planning. She had a menu suggestion. She assumed that she would be cooking for the party (I put my foot down. No. It is a party for a bunch of little kids. She cooks for little kids every day. Plus I do know how to cook, no matter what she says.) She sent me off with an admonition to start cleaning my house NOW because I had a big job ahead of me. She's right, but jeez. Victoria has announced that it will be a bear party. I think I know what a bear party is, but I'm not sure it's what she's thinking a bear party is. Time will tell.

ednoria had another yoga party this weekend. This one was my favorite so far--the theme was twists, the twists were not too complicated, the group was congenial, the food afterward was fabulous, and the soreness the following morning was just right. Not excruciating, just a little reminder that Some People might be well advised to twist more often.

1. pick 15 people who are not on your friends list.
2. write something about each one without divulging the identity.
3. never tell who you wrote about no matter what.

(This is perfect for me, a horrible lj lurker.)

a) You think finding a good LARP will patch that sucking wound in your soul.
b) Your posts about planning meals and cooking are spellbinding.
c) You are astonishingly dull--not simply lackluster, but an active interest-vacuum.
d) You are a marvelous photographer and your captions are excellent, too.
e) I know where you work and I saw you there once, which disturbed me. I don't want to stalk people!
f) I look forward to the posts about your class, I can tell you're a wonderful teacher.
g) You are gorgeous but you can't stop thinking of ways to make people say that you are gorgeous.
h) Everything your cat does is cute; photographic evidence is rarely required. Enough.
i) Nothing makes you happier than pointing out other people's screw-ups. Charming.
j) You are in Nepal.
k) Your pet lizard escaped and you found her in your house four months later, alive and unharmed.
l) Your landlord is a jerk.
m) You are getting married soon.
n) You have no idea how tepid, how pedestrian a life yours is. You don't skimp on details.
o) Vegan.

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