koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Now you don't see it. Now you do.

Did anyone else see a big gray block over part of the transcribed debate on the Washington Post website? I went there earlier today to confirm that I had really heard Bush say, "I try to put a leash on them!" in response to Kerry's crack about his daughters. The exchange was obscured. I found the bbc transcription and saw that I had not been mishearing, but they were missing Kerry's immediate response prior to complimenting Mrs. Bush. Now I see that the whole thing appears on the Post's page just as I remembered it. What an unfortunate comment. How lucky for Mr. Bush that the media shield him as much as they do. Such an evocative gaffe from Kerry would have been blasted on front pages across this great nation before the candidates had exchanged those hearty farewell handshakes and hugged their wives.

(KERRY) ... I've chuckled a few times at some of their comments.


(BUSH) I'm trying to put a leash on them.


(KERRY) Well, I know. I've learned not to do that.


And I have great respect and admiration for his wife.


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