koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Pub crawl

Tonight the entertainment was a GPS pub crawl. We got the coordinates for a bar and then found it. Four times. Drinking was optional, but I had a beer at each of them. My one fun coworker went, too, and he tried to have a boilermaker (the Perdue team is the Boilers) at each bar but one only had beer, no whiskey. Then we hit one extra bar and I had a boilermaker myself just to see what was up with that. Nothing much, just like chugging any beer. But we had a good time. We also went to the local historical museum earlier and then I walked around some more this afternoon. I also found the oldest building on campus today but it had been modernized (read: uglified) inside in the early sixties. Tomorrow we have a couple more sessions and then home. I love this town and my hotel is fabby but I am really eager to get back to home and my real jobs.

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