koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Still here

Brian told me--after I had eaten it--that the chicken he had cooked smelled funny when he started. He was proud of the way his sweet and sour stir-fry stuff disguised this. I quickly put my affairs in order and lay down to die. I would have preferred that this happen on a Sunday night so that I could miss the whole week of work, but you take what you get. Anyway, I must have fallen asleep right away and I sprang out of bed this morning right lively. Don Imus was interviewing a Court TV lady about Martha Stewart VERY LOUDLY and I had to get to the clockradio quickly to make it stop. Then I noticed that I was alive and well-rested. I guess each day henceforth is a gift, something extra, just as the John Kerry ads assert. Here goes:

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