koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Miss me?

I spent the weekend trying to get ahead at the office so that I could take a bunch of days off last week. I don't know how well it worked, I'll check in a little while when I'm feeling braver. On Tuesday we flew to Oklahoma City and rented a car WITH NO BABY SEAT. (The clerk stated that they weren't allowed to provide them due to liability concerns. What?) Must be an Oklahoma thing? We went to Nevada a little while ago and got a baby seat with it. We thought that was the norm.

Anyway. We drove to Winfield, KS, and set up our little tent at the fairgrounds. The festival didn't start until Thursday evening, but we found plenty of stuff to do. People had been camped there since the beginning of the month. Amazing, elaborate little compounds.

Then the thing started and it was just music all the time. Really, really good music. On the four stages from 10am to midnight, and in the campground from about noon to 5am. I'm still a little stunned. And awfully sunned (great weather, btw). I could very easily make a habit of it.

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