koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

St. Mary's, the Hamlet factory

Wow. Before last night, the very best Hamlet I had seen was Wallace Acton. Man, that was one swell Hamlet. But last night, I saw my favorite Hamlet ever.

I had seen the Rude Mechanicals production of Macbeth about a million years ago. It was rough. The next year I saw their Twelfth Night. It was awfully good. I knew that I would like this Hamlet because my pal shadowcaptain had the lead. I would have liked it no matter what, see? I read the director's notes aforehand and wasn't looking forward to the soupcon of Brechtian sensibility she promised. Good grief, we're sitting on folding metal chairs--that's enough for me. But it was fine, better than fine. After the unnecessary intro, it flowed beautifully. Hamlet was really impressive. Actually, every actor was excellent, the characters were perfect, the set was--ok, the set was adequate. And I got a plastic chair, very comfy. So now I'm all cultured up for a while.

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