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Victoria and I took in a show on Saturday afternoon. The Wiggles. I'm glad to say that she had a lot of fun. I should have sent her with a more fun person, but I shelled out big bucks for tickets and I wanted a first-hand look at her happiness. It's hard for me to judge how much fun is worth how much money. The idea of running out of money is so not fun for me that I have trouble forking it over. Brian is fiscally conservative as well, but not as emotionally encumbered; however, I can't depend on him for spending money in a fun way because we have wildly disparate views on what is fun. Anyway, the Wiggles show is done and now I know what that kind of thing is like. "That kind of thing" being fancy staged shows like Ice Capades and "know what they're like" meaning gick. Not my thing. Which is not to say that the performers weren't swell, because they did put on a super show and kept a theater full of kids happy for maybe 75 minutes. I'm just not much of a super show person and this kid in particular is not hard to amuse.

In fact, she is so easy to amuse and it is so much fun to do so that I would really, really like to spend more time at it. As in weekdays. Which is impossible (see: Koralleen's fear of poverty above). This same idiotic but-but-but exchange runs through my head every morning. It is especially loud on Mondays.


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Aug. 23rd, 2004 10:26 pm (UTC)
I am a huge fan of Free Stuff. I loved "I shelled out big bucks for tickets and I wanted a first-hand look at her happiness." We miss a lot of cool stuff because I just don't think we have the money. Or because I don't care how cool The Lion King is, 60.00 buys a lot of groceries.

Plus the Wiggles kind of scare me. Everyone is so white. I realize Australia's something like 93% Caucasian (I actually looked this up online, because I was like, isn't there one asian or black kid in Australia they would put on the show) And the kids are just so damn happy to be doing whatever they are doing. Even if the Australian accents are sexy, the kids frighten me. However, they do delight Ivy--the Wiggles that is, not the kids. She just likes the songs.

But I think Victoria sounds like a fun kid to be around, glad you guys had fun.
Aug. 24th, 2004 07:24 am (UTC)
The crowd at the show was blindingly white as well. The whole experience made me kinda itchy.

Then on Sunday I noticed that the crowd at the farmers' market was also all white (lots of kids show up because there's a guy who plays kids' songs on a banjo in the morning) even though the town is a very even mix. I didn't know what to make of the observation, but it was striking.
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